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What is Medical Waste?

According to the Department of Health’s website, the definition of biomedical waste is any solid or liquid waste which may present a threat of infection to humans, including, non-liquid tissue, body parts, blood, blood products, and body fluids from humans and other primates; laboratory and veterinary wastes which contain human disease-causing agents; and discarded sharps.

The most common medical waste items are absorbent and non-absorbent materials and disposable devices such as hypodermic and intravenous needles, syringes and lancets which have been contaminated with blood.  Medical waste also includes intravenous tubing, scalpel blades, lances and any dressings, or glassware exposed to any human infection causing agents.

Medical waste is generated by health care facilities that include hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, dental practices, veterinary hospitals, blood banks and by individuals who use syringes, needles and generate any other medical waste and blood contaminants.

Federal and State laws require that all medical waste must be disposed of by a licensed company, like Medical Disposal Systems.

Safe Practices

  • The local and state laws under safe practices requires everyone who generates biomedical waste to dispose of it properly.
  • Never throw unprotected needles into your garbage. These items can find their way into the precious hands of small children or beloved pets as well as the handlers who work hard to keep your streets clean.
  • Unused medicines thrown down a toilet or drain can find their way into our rivers, lakes and streams causing great harm to aquatic life and our drinking water.
  • Wastewater plants are not designed to handle household hazardous wastes like expired medication. Many medications have very high concentrations of metals, chemicals and/or organic substances that do not break down easily in the wastewater treatment process.
  • Medical Disposal Systems is licensed, bonded and insured and offers competitive pricing for all medical practices and individuals.

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